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Top Smart Tips for

26 April 2017

Signature cruises top smart tips for travelers


What is the different

13 February 2017

Signature Halong Cruise is new wooden-hulled and steel-core cruise which ensures the aesthetic ...


Tết - Vietnamese Lunar

16 January 2017

Tet is the most important celebration of Vietnamese and it is also an occasion for family union . ...


Travel Safety Tips for

20 December 2016

Take your time to research clearly about your destination. We highly recommend traveler to check ...



Signature Halong Cruise vision since day one has been to provide quality accommodation, tours, food and service to our guests. Due to the incredible increase in tourism to the area, our major concern is the protection of the Gulf and we do everything in our power to take care of this delicate environment.


Even before the owners, investors and board of directors of Signature Halong Cruise purchased our vessel they all had a vision of providing luxury cruising and maximum comfort and service. One of our major concerns was providing our guests with extravagance whilst at the same time doing all we can to protect the fragile environment of the region.


Our main commitment is to provide you with the experience you expected and paid for and the safety of our guests and staff. Every feature of our cruise is reviewed daily so we can perfect the ultimate voyage for our guests and provide the fun, relaxation and standards you require. We have many guests who have made friends with either other customers or crew and value the homely atmosphere on our Signature Halong Cruise.


Signature Halong Cruise is very willing to take you on amazing adventures to explore the lesser known areas of Halong bay. We have rapidly become a favorite and preferred cruise company in the region for our incredible journeys throughout Bai Tu Long Bay, Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Our team of expert interior designers have created maximum extravagance, comfort and space on our vessel and your tastefully designed and spacious cabin will certainly impress you.





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Signature Royal Cruise
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Tel: +84-243 927 6999 / 243 923 3988
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