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Top Smart Tips for

26 April 2017

Signature cruises top smart tips for travelers


What is the different

13 February 2017

Signature Halong Cruise is new wooden-hulled and steel-core cruise which ensures the aesthetic ...


Tết - Vietnamese Lunar

16 January 2017

Tet is the most important celebration of Vietnamese and it is also an occasion for family union . ...


Travel Safety Tips for

20 December 2016

Take your time to research clearly about your destination. We highly recommend traveler to check ...



Wherever you travel, whether this is your first trip or hundredth trip, it's always helpful way to know what items you should want to pack before you start any journey.  


Join us in our restaurant to know how to make a typical traditional Vietnamese food. Our chef / manager will introduce and guide you to learn how to make the special simple Vietnamese food by yourself.


Located in the center of island conservation Cong Do, Thien Canh Son cave is one of the most attractive destinations on Bai Tu Long & Halong bay where the favorite place of international traveler is.


Tai Chi is combination between deep breathing and relaxation with slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises.


Vietnamese Cuisine, one of the most healthy and tasty food in the world. In every part of our country ,from high mountain till deep down of sea, from North to South of Vietnam, each location carry different unique traditional taste style, all contributed to the rich and diverse food culture for Vietnam.


Vung Vieng, the first of a handful of traditional floating villages in Halong Bay. The village is covered and protected by nature Limestone Mountains with vast natural scenery and the jade green sea. It look like a beautiful magical picture, draw by Mother of Nature



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