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Elite Family Suite

Price: 1730,00 $
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Located on the back of the second deck, the Signature Elite Family Suite is an incredible feature design with two separated double suites connecting with each other. This suite is extremely popular with families and larger groups. It offers a...

Exclusive Family Suite

Price: 1266,00 $
Rating: Not Rated Yet

The Signature Royal Exclusive Family Suite was designed for small families with total area of 50 m² including a double bed and a single bed. This unique suite offers an ensuite and a private terrace for your sunbath and relaxation. It is situated...

Signature Junior Suite

Price: 630,00 $
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Situated on the first deck, Signature Royal Junior Suite with large window, deluxe design and modern facilities offer you the best quality for your maximum pleasure and convenience; specially for single traveler, couple and friends on special...

Signature Royal Suite

Price: 1550,00 $
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Signature Royal Suite is situated on the top deck with a floor space of 55m2 and is a perfect choice for wedding anniversary, honey moon, a very special occasion / event or family event to treat your beloved. It offers a double and single bed ,...

Signature Senior Suite

Price: 660,00 $
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Our Signature Royal Senior Suites are situated on our middle second deck - and offer a space of 30m² with finest luxury design and facilities. Our suite provide you with a double bed, an ensuite and a private balcony to watch the sunset with a...


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